Coming soon – DCAMCUT 8.4

It is nearly time. We are already looking forward to presenting you our new DCAMCUT version with many new interesting functions to make your work with DCAMCUT even easier! As always, we attach great importance to the highest quality. Therefore there is still a lot to be done before the official release at the end of June when our DCAMCUT version 8.4 will finally be ready for you.

We moved!

Wait! You moved?

   Yes! We moved
   on 01.July 2016!

Where are you now? 

   The new adress is:
   Potsdamer Straße 12B,
   14513 Teltow, Germany

Is there anythiing else new?

   Of course! We  have a new telephonenumber! From 01.July you can reach us with ++49-089-81803-1501!

1. We specialise in wire EDM and nothing else!

In contrast to most of our competitors, we concentrate exclusively on the development of software for wire EDM.

This entails that our resources are not squandered on non-wire EDM related projects like milling, grinding or stamping. No – we put our whole time and effort into the task of constantly improving our wire EDM software so we can meet the expectations of our customers.

This focus on our core business is the reason we provide software of the highest quality that simplifies the work process on wire EDM machines for our customers and in turn yields markedly better results. Try it out yourself!